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Group Critiques


Step into the world of Collaborative Creativity!

Are you knee-deep in a project, surrounded by a sea of stunning images? Or perhaps you're seeking fresh perspectives to fine-tune your visual narrative?

Join our exhilarating online group critiques designed for photographers with a keen eye for storytelling. Here's your chance to share your work in progress within a supportive and constructive environment, where passionate creators converge to provide invaluable insights and feedback.


Engage in vibrant discussions, gain diverse perspectives, and receive collective wisdom aimed at sharpening your project's focus and direction. It's like having a dedicated team of collaborators at your fingertips!

Space is limited, and the seats fill up fast. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your photographic journey. Secure your spot today, and let's embark on a creative adventure together!



New groups open each month


  •  Write a project summary: craft a clear and concise project summary to guide your creative process.

  • Edit and sequence your photo essay: learn how to curate and arrange your photos for a captivating narrative.

  • Do research: dive deep into your subject's context for a richer, more authentic story.

  •  Gain access to your subject matter: discover effective ways to establish trust and respect when accessing your story's main characters.

  • Build a narrative with your images: explore the power of composition, lighting, and framing to convey emotions and messages effectively.

  • Add text to your story: pair words with images to provide context and depth in your storytelling.

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