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The Team


Lucía Vázquez is a journalist and photographer from Buenos Aires based in New York City. She has a BA in Journalistic Communication from the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, and a Certificate in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism from the International Center of Photography in New York, where she was awarded The Wall Street Journal Scholarship for Visual Journalism. Her written and visual work has been published in the book "2020 Edited" by OKS in Berlin, exhibited at the shows "How The Light Comes In" (ICP), “Global Images for Global Crisis” (ICP) and Edition 365 (1854/British Journal of Photography), and featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Vice, El Pais, and NPR, among other international media.


Wanda von Bremen is a visual artist, photographer and environmentalist from Berlin. She researches new visual communication strategies on how to transformatively address the ecological issues of our time. Her goal is to create a new way of telling stories about nature that raises interest and awareness about its conservation, and reveals to the public the fact that every organism is part of an interconnected system. She has won alternative storytelling competitions, and has exhibited at the International Center of Photography Museum and the Local Gallery in New York. She participated in EV_Largo's "Possible Futures" residency, as well as Estudio Abierto's artist residency in Oaxaca, Mexico, and Native's "Environmental Photography" program.

Ana Vallejo_76_edited.jpg

Ana Vallejo is an interdisciplinary mixed media artist and conceptual documentary photographer from Barranquilla, Colombia, living in New York. In her practice, Ana is interested in marginal spaces, what resides outside of the status quo and is often excluded by society and defined by rigid stigma; while focusing on how trauma affects our emotions, mental health and relationships. Her work has been exhibited at festivals and venues such as Photo Vogue Festival (Milan), Ph Museum Days (Italy), Currents New Media Festival (Santa Fe, California), Month of Photography in Los Angeles, Lens Culture Emerging Talent (NY) and Foam (Amsterdarm), Berlin Photo Week and Lumix festival (Germany). 


Corrie Aune was born in Dallas, Texas and graduated from Baylor University in 2019 with a journalism degree and minors in nonprofit marketing and poverty & social justice studies. In May 2023, she graduated from the International Center of Photography’s one-year program in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism. Corrie is now a freelance documentary photographer in New York City, focusing on issues of gender, spirituality, and equitable community development. Through her work, Corrie utilizes creative, nuanced storytelling to spur peace, empathy, and justice.



Amira Karaoud is a visual journalist, audio producer and anthropologist whose work is based between the United States and Tunisia. She is passionate about telling stories of tight-knit communities that thrive on finding their own authenticity and building connections around their subculture. Amira explores the impact of globalization, development, and issues of social and environmental justice on communities often underrepresented in the media. Her work has appeared in Reuters, Reuters TV, The New York Times, Blloomberg Business, CNN, PBS, KET, CBS TV News, LEO Louisville and Al Jazeera English America. Following her involvement in the production of Radio Lab's documentary "The Other Latif," Amira began work on the production of her show "From MotherLand to HomeLand." The podcast is currently being produced in collaboration with the WFPL incubator (NPR radio). 

Ashima Yadava is a photographer born in New Delhi, India, based in San Francisco, California. Ashima believes in art as a medium for activism and social reform. With the camera as her conduit, her work is grounded in documentary practice with a focus on issues of gender equality, race and social justice. She has collaborated with several NGOs over the years, including The Commonwealth Foundation, West Valley Community and Maitri. Her work has appeared in various publications around the world, including National Geographic, Mother Jones magazine, SF Chronicle, Forbes, Telegraph, Caravan and Times of India.  She is a fellow at the California Arts Council and the International Center of Photography in New York. She is an alumna of Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIII and a finalist for the Alexia Grants scholarship. 


Clare Perry is an American photographer currently living in New York. Born and raised in Chicago, she attended the College of Charleston's Studio Art and Art History program and she graduated from the International Center of Photography's Creative Practices Certificate program. Within each photo, she creatively choreographs and designs scenes that involve both subject and background. She transforms natural or man-made spaces by composing images with cinematic or surreal qualities, and experiments with the environment and elements of each location.  She has exhibited her work at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in Charleston, and has worked at Gerber Scarpelli Weddings, Gruber Photo, and Firon Marketing, a digital media agency in New York.

Jordana Bermúdez is a documentary photographer and photo editor from Mexico City based in New York. She graduated from the International Center of Photography Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Program in 2020. Her projects focus on issues of women and gender inequality; including her latest project, Girls Can't Skate, about the community of women and non-binary skateboarders in New York. Having spent her entire life in Mexico, where violence against women and macho culture are normalized, she seeks to amplify female and non-binary voices through her work. Her images have been published in The New York Times, CNN, Rolling Stone, NPR, Vice, Aint Bad and NYCGo, where she currently works as a Photo Editor. 

GirlsCantSkate_Jordana_Bermudez_ ( of )002.jpg

Roshni Khatri is a photographer from New Delhi, India. She graduated with a degree in media and communications from Delhi University in 2017. She moved to New York to study documentary photography and photojournalism at the International Center of Photography on the Wall Street Journal Scholarship and a Management Fellowship in 2018. After graduating, she participated in the Eddie Adams Workshop in 2019. Her work has been published in The New York Times, NBC News, Reuters, Fotonostrum, among other publications. She has also exhibited her work at Photoville in 2020 in Chelsea Park, New York. In her documentary and photojournalistic practice, Roshni tells stories around women's rights, gender and cultural identity. 


Sabrina Srur is a photographer based in Manantiales, Uruguay. She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and she has attended courses and workshops at ECU, Fotoclub and CdF in Montevideo, and programs in New York, including Photography and Digital Video Summer Program at Parsons, Lens and Screen Arts Summer Residency at SVA and the Creative Practices Program One-Year Certificate at the International Center of Photography, where she received the Arnold Newman Fellowship. Her background in commercial photography greatly influences her visual language, which investigates the representation of individual identity as fiction. She is interested in the family archive, the female experience and its correlation in larger systems such as the family, medicine or digital society.


Val Schnack is a photographer and artist based in Barcelona, where she operates her own studio. She completed her studies at the International Center of Photography in New York in the Creative Practices program in 2020. In her work, she explores aspects of her own feminine and cultural identity from her personal experiences and Latin American background. She currently focuses on personal work that dives into the world of future Latin musicians and her Panamanian roots. Her project "Herself and other difficult tasks" has been published as a zine by 'Cademy. Throughout her career, she has worked with international clients such as Chanel, Jimmy Choo, and Vogue. 


Violette Franchi is a French photographer and filmmaker living between Nice and Paris. After becoming an architect in 2017, she turned to photography and took classes at the Ecole Nationale Louis-Lumière in Paris. In 2020, she graduated from the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program at the International Center of Photography in New York. She received the ICP Director's Merit Fellowship and the Documentary Arts Fellowship for his project Crossroads, which questions the American dream in an urban landscape of large-scale Brooklyn housing. In addition to her documentary work, Franchi works in editorial and commercial work. Her overall practice focuses on what housing is, on an intimate and public scale, in its abstract and structural forms. 


Ximena Natera is a photographer and reporter born and raised in Mexico City, based in California. She has been a member of the Red de Periodistas de a Pie since 2013, a national network of journalists that trains journalists in contexts of violence in the country. This experience has shaped her narrative practice, focusing her work around human rights violations, stories of resilience and collective memory processes in the region. Her work has been recognized by the Gabriel García Márquez Ibero-American Journalism Award Fundación Gabo and the Poyipics Latam. She has been a scholar of the journalism programs of the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo in Colombia and the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. She received the Jan Mulder scholarship to pursue specialized training in Documentary Photography at the International Center of Photography in New York in 2020. 

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